Candidates that passed the examination administered by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine (ABBM) are required to complete a Case Review in order to complete the certification process and to be recognized as a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. The full instructions are provided below. All required documents are listed as pdf files below the instructions.

Case Review Binders should be shipped to:


PO Box 56-2396

8821 SW 136th Street

Miami,FL 33176

Please note that post office boxes do not accept FedEx or UPS shipments. Please send your Case Review Binder by United States Postal Service.

Case Review Instructions

The process of obtaining Board Certification in Obesity Medicine includes the submission of and the Board acceptance of 15 documented Obesity Medicine cases, which meet the Board’s established case submission requirements. Submission of cases must be made within four years of the examination date. The physician candidate must be in the practice of Obesity Medicine for at least one full year before submitting case documents.

The key to passing the Case Review is complete and consistent documentation in all bariatric patient charts. A list of the most common reasons for failure are:

Poor Documentation
For example, incomplete medical history or inadequate physical exam.

Inappropriate Prescribing
For example: phentermine in a patient that has a BP of 190/110, or abnormal EKG changes that were not evaluated.

Inadequate Follow Up
For example: 5 refills on phentermine or no vital signs when medications renewed

Same Diet For All
For example, same product or handout to everyone regardless of their weight, or medical condition.

Please see the provided Case Review Inspection Form for the specific details the Case Review Committee member will be using in the process of the evaluation.

Case Submission Requirements Summary

Number of Cases
15 case documentations are required reflecting at least 3 months of treatment. At least one case should demonstrate patient care in maintenance. All notes should be in SOAP format.

Time Frame for Cases
Submission of cases must be made within four years of the written examination date.

Cases Must Include
Original patient chart with patient name in-tact, typed copy of the patient chart if originals are hand-written for eligibility verification, summarized treatment plan using ABOM template with references back to the original patient chart, any referenced handouts, education materials and/or consent forms, and outcome of consultation given by other patient providers.

Cases must be submitted in a three-ring binder with tabs dividing cases. Please be sure that the binder is not overstuffed, but that paper can move freely. Use more than one binder if necessary, with each binder clearly labeled with your name. Please send your package with delivery confirmation or a tracking number so that you can check to see if the cases were delivered. Please do not call our office for this.

Return Binder Fee
Please submit a $25 check made payable to ABOM to have your binder returned to you.

Notification of Results
ABOM will notify you in writing, within six weeks of submission. You will receive a Diplomate certificate if your cases are approved. The results may take longer if a case review committee member had to contact you for clarification or submission of additional information.

Case Submission Instructions

1. Completed Case Review Questionnaire
This document should be the first inserted document in your binder in order to give an overall view of your bariatric medicine practice.

2. Signed and Notarized Case Review Confirmation of Evaluation Preparedness Document
This document should be inserted in your binder after the completed questionnaire.

3. Business Associate Agreement
The ABOM Business Associate Agreement allows ABOM, as your “business associate”, to evaluate and review your medical charts or other medical records during its board certification process in compliance with HIPAA.  Under HIPAA, you, as a “covered entity”, may allow a “business associate” to receive or use protected heath information (“PHI”) as long as you obtain “satisfactory assurances” that the business associate will safeguard such information.  This agreement provides such assurance as it sets forth that ABOM will protect the confidentiality of any patient records you disclose or provide to ABOM. For additional protection, you could also obtain individual patient authorizations which grant you permission to disclose his or her medical records to ABOM for board certification purposes.  In certain circumstances, the hospital or medical facility in which you are employed or affiliated may also require a business associate agreement between it and ABOM.  It is your responsibility to inform ABOM of such requirement.

4. Case Information Sheet
The Case Information Sheet is a master listing of the cases being submitted. Please complete this form and place it in the front of the case submission binder after the above referenced items 1-3.

5. Tabs
Tabs are required to separate the cases.

6. Summarized Treatment Plan
Make sure that you include this for EACH case submitted as the first sheet behind the tab. Cases may be returned or denied without this document.

7. Copy of Original Patient Chart

8. Typed Copy of the Patient Chart if Originals are Handwritten

9. Referenced Handouts, Education Materials and/or Consent Forms
If your patent chart references a handout, education material or consent form that document must be included in your case documentation.

10. Consultation Outcomes
If your patient chart indicates that your patient was sent to another provider as part of the treatment plan, the outcome of that consultation should be included in your case documentation.

Review Committee and Appeals
One physician member of the Case Review Committee will review a candidate’s case submission file for proper and complete documentation. The Case Review Physician will complete a Case Review Evaluation Form to submit to the full ABOM Board of Directors. Two-thirds of the ABOM Board of Directors must vote in favor of the candidate for the candidate to pass and complete the certification process.

If the ABOM Board of Directors determines that the cases are incomplete, the candidate will be notified by mail of suggested recommendations for completion. The candidate will have the opportunity to resubmit the incomplete cases for a second review at no cost.

If the ABOM Board of Directors determines that the cases submitted fall below acceptable professional standards, cases are rejected and certification is denied. The candidate will be notified by mail regarding the cause for rejection. The candidate may begin the Case Submission process again after 6 months by submitting 15 new case documentations and payment of $500.

Reviews Must Include the Following Documents

ABOM Business Associate Agreement
Case Information Sheet
Case Review Checklist
Case Review Confirmation of Evaluation Preparedness
Case Review Inspection Form
Case Review Questionnaire
Summarized Treatment Plan