Sample Test

Sample Test Questions

The Sample Test Questions consist of 50 questions with a testing time of 2 hours taken over the Internet. The Sample Test Questions give candidates the opportunity to review an example of content included in the Certification Examination for Obesity Medicine Physicians, and to learn more about question format, style, and level of difficulty.

NOTE: Performance on the Sample Test Questions may differ from actual performance on the Certification Examination. Thus, there is no guarantee that taking the Sample Test Questions will help you pass the Certification Examination. Participants may, however, find it helpful to review content in any areas of weakness indicated on the score reports prior to taking the Certification Examination.

FEE: $150 payable by credit card only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to access the Sample Test Questions online more than one time?

Once candidates have submitted the test for scoring and have received the report, they cannot access the test again. But, before they submit for scoring, the candidates can log off and keep accessing the test as many times as they want, as long as they don’t spend more than 2 hours on the test. The timer only runs while the test screen is on. For example, a candidate can spend 20 minutes on the test and answer 10 questions in the morning, and log off. Then the candidate can return to the sample question test at night and answer 15 more questions and spend 30 minutes, and so on until the test is submitted for scoring or 2 hours have been spent.

Do all questions need to be answered in one sitting or can a candidate return to the online questions more than once?

No, the candidates can save the online questions, and can return to them at a later time, as long as they haven’t spent more than 2 hours on the questions; they return to the questions within 3 months from the purchase; and they haven’t submitted them for scoring. Once the candidates have submitted their answers and received a score report, they cannot go back to the questions. The score report is shown instantaneously, and the PDF of the sample questions showing correct answers and references is emailed within 5 business days.

Do candidates get a report showing the correct answers?

The ABOM Sample Test Questions PDFs are emailed within 5 business days. The PDF files are processed for each candidate, with their names and address as watermark, and email address as password.

It is stated on the Introduction Page and the Score Report page that the PDF will be sent within five business days.

“You will receive a PDF booklet containing all 50 sample questions, with the content area, the correct answer, and reference for question. The PDF booklet will be sent via email to the email address stored in your account information. Please make sure to enter a valid email address, and add domain to the safe senders list in your email system. The PDF booklet will be sent within five business days. If you have not received the PDF booklet within five days, please contact PTC at